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A range of thermistorpt100pt probes for use with tinytag data loggers. The software can collect and display realtime data from any omcp series logger directly connected to the users pc or a local area network. Loggernet is our main data logger support software package. Recorded data can be shown as a graph, table of readings or summary information. Used in conjunction with lascars 21cfr part 11 software, the. Tinytag software, starter packs and interface cables. Tinytag data logger pc software preservation equipment ltd. Support tinytag data loggers tinytag explorer technical. It can be applied to small remote io system using our data acquisition products. Loggernet consists of a server application and several client applications integrated into a single product. Tk0302 data,logger,min,tinytalk mkii, rs components.

Gemini first produced the tinytalk temperature data logger in 1992 and quickly expanded its range of products, now trading globally with a network of over 40 distributors. Gerate anzeigen tinytag plus radio wireless data logger. Tinytalk data loggers are small, lightweight and economical data loggers encased inside a standard 35mm film canister. Whether in warehouses, museums, archives, offices or apartment blocks, the mini data logger provides reliable temperature and humidity recording. Based in the uk, gemini data loggers first produced the tinytalk temperature data logger to their own design in 1992, choosing the same year to begin international trade through distributors such as rs components and intab interface. Hobowares graphing and analysis tools allow you to plot, analyze and extract key data with a few simple clicks. These small measuring devices are also ideal for building condition monitoring, dry food storage and a variety of academic. Ez data logger data logging software, data acquisition.

The data logger features an lcd and pushbutton which allow the user to cycle through the most recent, highest and lowest stored readings. British wildlife is the leading natural history magazine in the uk, providing essential reading for both enthusiast and professional naturalists and wildlife conservationists. Tinytag from gemini data loggers gemini data loggers strives to provide products and services that are costeffective, robust and reliable. Code for bitty data logger is now provided in source format only. Elitech uk temperature logger,temperature controller panl. Tinytag explorer connect software is an enhanced version of the software provides advanced functionality and features. Tinytalk pt100 probe supplied one of the following pieces of software. It monitors temperatures from 40c to 125c, and is small, waterproof and highly flexible, with a 600mm flying lead. Browse voltage data loggers with lcd displays, sd card functionality and wireless connectivity. Supplier of data loggers and data logging systems, software, temperature, humidity, pressure and many more. Tinytag talk 2 data loggers are compact devices that provide accurate temperature monitoring typically in vaccine or medical fridges, and cool storage areas to help the maintenance of the cold chain. Data logger gemini data loggers uk manufactures of tinytag. Calibration notes to use this data logger you will also require.

Easylog model elusb series products are a line of low cost, compact, batteryoperated data loggers with builtin memory and usb interface. The testo 174h mini data logger for temperature and humidity is your small and handy partner for climate monitoring which still also offers the same level of reliability. For mac operation system, compatible with all temperature data loggers. This 21cfrcompliant standalone data logger records and displays over 32,000 temperature readings from the supplied thermistor probe. Tinytag support tinytag explorer software gemini data loggers. The first produced the tinytalk temperature data logger to their own design in 1992, choosing the same year to begin international trade through distributors such as rs components and intab interface. Extremely reliable and very easy to use make them suitable for a vast range of applications including fridge monitoring, building environment monitoring and academic applications. Designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications, this range of probes includes fast response probes for temperature profiling, surface probes for the recording of pipe work temperatures, armoured probes for use in meat processing and probes for use in composting. Data logger cube storing technical and sensor data. A data logger also datalogger or data recorder is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or via external instruments and sensors. Tinytag talk 2 tk4014 tinytalk temperature data logger.

Word site licence allows multiple users at the same location compatible with windows 7, 8, 8. Tinytalk units are used widely by schools, laboratories and ecologists. Suitable for a wide range of applications including environmental research. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Tinytag talk 2 data loggers tinytag talk 2 data loggers are compact devices that provide accurate temperature monitoring typically in vaccine or medical fridges, and cool storage areas to help the maintenance of the cold chain. Thermistor probe for talk 2 tk4023 loggers40c to 125c. Used exclusively with our elcc range of data loggers, this control software allows elcc loggers to be primed for use, data download for viewing in csv or pdf format and the viewing of previous logging sessions. Hoboware free download hobo data loggers australia. Review the tutorials for bitty controller to gain an understanding of how the hex files we supply work. The logtag trix8 is the best value temperature data logger on the market. Each product in the line offers a specific measurement function and range see table. It can support connection to a single data logger, but it is especially adept in. With its userfriendly interface, users can quickly and easily build a data logger software without any programming skill. Hoboware makes logger setup and readout fast and easy with simple, intuitive windows. Measure voltage accurately with voltage data loggers enabled for single and multiple inputs, usb, lan, wlan and gsm connectivity options. Word site licence allows multiple users at same location customers already using tinytag data loggers can use existing software and cable to activate the meters data logging. Data logger software free download data logger top 4 download. Getting data from a logger to view the data that has been recorded by your logger, plug it into your computer, or.

As well as manufacturing tinytag data loggers, all tinytag hardware, firmware and software is. Suitable for users of one or many wifi loggers, this simple software allows easy connection to the available wifi network, configuration of the wifi logger and. Our cuttingedge software is designed for the continuous monitoring and alarming of all omegas omcp series data loggers. The pb50050m6 probe is used with talk 2 tk4023pk data loggers. Established in 1984, gemini data loggers designs and manufactures tinytag in the uk and trades globally with a network of over 40 distributors. Programming and data download through serial cable cab0005 or usb cab0005usb and software swcd0040.

It also supports multiple language including english, chinese, german, spanish, etc. Hex files for bitty controller will only work with appropriate hardware, connected in an appropriate way. During set up, logger names, logging intervals and alarm settings can easily be chosen. We can help you with all of your data logger needs. Gemini data loggers, the company behind the tinytag electronic data recorders, was established in 1984. Ez data logger is a free pc based data logging, data acquisition, control and monitoring software.

Tk4014 tinytag talk 2 datalogger nhbs wildlife survey. Increasingly, but not entirely, they are based on a digital processor or computer. Gemini data loggers was established in 1984 and designs and manufactures the tinytag range at its headquarters in chichester in the uk. If necessary, adjust that code to work with whatever. Ideal for all applications where size and weight are important. It contains an integral temperature sensor housed within robust casing with a 8000 reading memory and clear led alarm. Tinytag explorer software cd drawing easy to use windows program needed to set up tinytag loggers and view recorded data. If you require a replacement battery, you can purchase a service kit for your logger. Alternatively if you are new to tinytag you can add the data loggers to your meter using the same software and cable. We have a full range of data loggers that can offer accurate, reliable performance in a range of monitoring environments. Tinytag explorer software tinytag explorer software set up loggers and present recorded data works with all tinytags versatile and easy to use copyexport data into popular packages. Preservation equipment is proud to be the official distributor appointed by gemini to supply these very successful data loggers to museums, archives and libraries. Each data logger comes with instructions and is battery fitted. It allows you to log data from data acquisition, instrumentation, controllers, data loggers and.

The tinytalk with its small size and economical cost remains extremely popular for applications where the logger will not be treated harshly. Tinytag explorer is the windows program used to configure tinytag loggers and view recorded data. With hoboware, you can easily create highquality visual presentations of your data. The above is the accuracy of the data logger when used with the supplied pb60021m5 probe. Tk2voltcurrent datalogger voltcurrent tinytag talk 2. It is used with ultra radio, plus radio and plus lan loggers which send data from multiple monitoring points for remote access by any permitted user on a network. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for easy placement wherever it is deployed. Easylog elusb data logger series overview data acquisition.

Monarchs patented trackit data loggers include trackit software for windows for convenient and easy use. Gerate anzeigen tinytag energy data logger tge0001. The software is supplied with a site licence which means it can be installed on multiple pcs at a single location. Tinytag explorer software data loggers recorded data hdl. The tinytalk is a low cost temperature, voltage and current data logger in a compact film canister. Data logger software free download data logger top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. Easylog elusb application software for data logger setup, data download, and analysis. Data loggers have to be started using the tinytag explorer software. These small measuring devices are also ideal for building condition monitoring, dry food storage and a variety of academic research applications. If you suspect your data logger has a flat battery, you can check this using the current reading feature in tinytag explorer. Stopping a data logger to stop a data logger recording, plug it into your computer, or place it on its inductive pad, and click the stop icon.

It supports programming, communication, and data retrieval between data loggers and a pc. The usric8 data logger is a user configurable, single use temperature data logger with direct usb. Tinytag talk 2 compact temperature data loggers tinytalk. Download the free hoboware software for hobo data loggers. We offer money back guarantee, free delivery and great support. Gemini tinytag data loggers monitor temperature, humidity. Gemini tinytag talk 2 tk4023 datalogger nhbs wildlife. This invaluable data logging software package makes configuring, viewing and analysis of data easy. Tinytag explorer will then confirm that the data logger has been stopped. Data loggers logging systems software usb temperature.

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