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Dont worry, its simple, it is set in that way to make the aadhaar details secure so that if that pdf reach any person you dont know, they cannot open it directly unless they know your name and date of. Free aadhaar card password remover to unlock aadhar pdf. I have decided to download eaadhaar and use it for the time being. It would be in the password protected pdf document for the safety and security reasons. It will take time to receive the hard copy of aadhaar card. In contrast, pdf owner passwords are used to provide document restrictions in pdf files. Aadhar card password pdf password for eaadhaar online. Once you download that aadhaar card or eaadhaar card it will be password protected due to some security reasons.

What is the password to open eaadhaar card downloaded in. While using eaadhaar, i need to enter a 6digit password every time i attempt to open it. Once youve fill entries and entered the otp, your eaadhar card will automatically download to your computer. A document pdffile with your eaadhaar card will appear. Aadhaar card is a very important document for the citizens of india. Earlier, the password of the pdf version of aadhaar card was residence pin code of the cardholder. For example, open a protected pdf document in microsoft edge and provide the password to view it. There have been countless number of cases relating to misuse of someone elses identity proofs be it pan card, driving license, voter id card. Select the pdf file of the aadhar card and click on the open button. Since the pdf file is password protected, you wont be able to open without the password. This area pin code is the same as was mentioned in your aadhaar card application. Confirm that you have the right to the file and click unlock pdf.

The password for this eaadhaar pdf file is 8 characters long and with some alfanumeric combination. To apply for the aadhaar card first and foremost you need to enroll yourself and obtain a. E aadhar card password how to open downloaded pdf document. If you are wondering how to get aadhar card password to open pdf file then let us tell you that the password to your aadhar card is the pin code of the address that you mentioned in your aadhar card. And if you are still searching for the solution on how to open aadhar pdf file without a password, then you should try below possible alternate ways to unlock your passwordprotected eaadhaar card instead of searching how. As mentioned before, your online aadhaar card eaadhaar card is password protected so, for open aadhaar card pdf file you have 2 ways. The eaadhaar in the pdf format is password protected and the password is the pincode of the resident provided at the time of enrollment.

To do so, just follow these simple five steps and remove aadhar card password in a hasslefree manner. To be able to view this, there is a need for a password. The very first step of this procedure involves your personal details section wherein the user are provided two relevant options to choose from namely i have enrolment idaadhar. This software is beneficial when a aadhar card pdf. Online copy of aadhar card eaadhar can be taken from eaadhaar. Once you open the file using the password combination, you can use it to print your aadhar card to keep in physical form. Also, you need not worry about losing or forgetting your eaadhar password as it is simply the combination of your name and birth year, nameyyyy.

How to open aadhar card pdf file without aadhar password. Once you download the eaadhaar card, it is encrypted by the password which most of the users have no idea about it. The password is a must if you want to view or print it, so opening aadhar card pdf file without a password is impossible. The pdf is password protected to keep your e aadhaar safe and secure. Firstly, download and launch free e aadhaar pdf password remover software on windows operating system. So, in order to open aadhaar card pdf file you have 2 options 1 type your area pin code as the password to open your aadhar card.

It can easily remove known password security from any pdf document like bank statements, billing documents, eaadhar, etc. Enter your aadhaar name first 4digit and date of birth. What is the password to open an e aadhaar card pdf file. Here we cover step by step process how to open pdf document. Powerful tool to remove password from aadhaar card pdf file generated by uiadi aadhar card password remover is specifically designed to remove password from aadhar card password protected pdf file. Since the eaadhaar document is a password protected document, so whenever an applicant needs to download an eaadhaar pdf, heshe has to enter the pin code as the password to. It is very easy to download the aadhaar card from internet. The document verifier has no technological means to verify the authenticity of the document or the information it contains and has to trust the document producer. Not only it serves as a proof of identity and address, but it also has made other advantages. This file is password protected and in this article, we are going to follow the steps to download and open this eaadhar card. What is the password number for an aadhaar card in pdf. Does it allow to unlock multiple aadhaar card pdf files at once. To apply for the aadhaar card first and foremost you need to enroll yourself and obtain a receipt from the enrollment center. It is important to ensure that you are careful while putting in the password because the incorrect password.

Select the microsoft print to pdf printer and click print. Using the secret combination, once you open the tab, youll be able to use it to print out your aadhar card to stay it in digital type. If pin code doest not work, the password to your aadhaar card pdf file is a combination of the first four letters of your name written in capitals name as. How to remove eaadhaar card pdf file password there are three modes through which you can actually remove the password from your eaadhaar pdf file. This article will help you out related to pdf password. As stated by uidai in its new notification, the new eaadhaar letter pdf password is of 8 characters. The password to open your aadhar card is you pin code numb.

Click the print button on the pdf viewer toolbar after you have. Individuals can also print their aadhaar card from online. Enter the password and open the eaadhaar form and print if required. This is called as eaadhaar card, which can be downloaded in the pdf format. Double clicking on the pdf will open it and you will be prompted to enter your e aadhaar password. What is the password to open an eaadhaar card pdf file. How to remove password from aadhar or aadhaar card pdf. If you select enrolment id, you will have to fill in your 14 digit enrolment no.

Most of the users got confused once they downloaded the e aadhar card. How to open pdf file password protected the download eaadhaar pdf file is password protected so you need to enter password to open pdf file. A few weeks ago, i have enrolled myself in aadhaar database. It is that your name should be entered in capitals while entering the password of your aadhaar card and these are the different variations to open aadhaar card password. Free aadhaar card password remover to erase password from.

Moreover, sometimes if we enter password it will be very to difficult to find the aadhaar card pdf file again and again, as well as forgetting what the password is to open your aadhaar card pdf document. A document open password is a password used to restrict the opening of a pdf file. If the pin code doesnt work, the other for the password code is to enter the combination of the first four letters of your name and the date of birth. After open eaadhaar pdf file, you will be asked to enter your password. What is document open password for aadhar card yourravi. Enter the pin code of the postal address that you mentioned when registering for aadhaar. No, it permits to remove password from e aadhaar card pdf files one by one. Enter a password in that text field to create the document open password for the pdf file.

This software empowers users to remove document open password for pdf document in an efficient manner. And if you are still searching for the solution on how to open aadhar pdf file without a password, then you should try below possible alternate ways to unlock your passwordprotected eaadhaar card instead of searching how to open aadhar card pdf file without password. On the weblink, you can download your aadhaar card here. There are two ways to open the pdf eaadhaar document. Drag and drop your document in the pdf password remover. While this password is called the document open password in adobe acrobat, other pdf programs may refer to this password as the pdf user password or the pdf document open password. What is the password to open an eaadhaar card pdf file in. What is the password to open e aadhaar card pdf file in. The password is the combination of the first four letters of your name as mentioned in the card and the last four characters are the year of birth of the individual. Now remove password from aadhaar pdf permanently with aadhaar pdf password unlocker software. Combination of the first 4 letters of name in capital and the year of birth yyyy as password. Aadhaar card pdf password how to open the eaadhaar file. Rightclick on a secure pdf document, select open with. So to open the pdf document of aadhaar letter you require the secret word, such a large number of individuals experience issues to know the password.

When you open the aadhaar card pdf file it will provoke to enter the secret key then just you will. What is the password to open eaadhar card pdf eaadhar card status, download, correction update, registration try these items as passwords. Pdf unlocker can use either a bruteforce or a dictionary password recovery method. An eaadhaar is equally valid as a physical aadhaar card and you can download an eaadhaar easily by visiting the official website of uidai and following a few steps. A download button will be displayed and by clicking it eaadhaar is generated in pdf format. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to obtain the pdf password and get your eaadhar card. This 8 character password is a combination of the first four letters of your name in capital letters name as mentioned in the aadhaar card and your year of birth in yyyy format. Modify your pdf further, or click download file to save the unlocked pdf. In step 1, your personal details section, select the relevant option amongst these two i have enrolment idaadhaar. Removing password from aadhaar will help you to open the aadhaar pdf without entering the password, again and again, you can have quick access to your aadhaar by doubleclicking on the pdf file. How to open eaadhaar eaadhaar letter password with aadhar card password. The password for opening the eaadhaar file comprises of 8 characters.

Aadhaar file can be accessed in the form of aadhaar letter which you get usually through the post. Password to open aadhar card pdf one you can do is enter the pin code of the postal address that you did mention while registering for the aadhaar. How to remove the password from aadhar card pdf file. While opening the pdf, it will ask you a password to input which you cannot find from the file or it is not given on your mobile, etc.

The password which you will have to enter to open your aadhaar card pdf file will be your address postal pin code. Aadhaar is a 12 digits unique number on which your demographics and biometric details are stored. Enter the password for the secure pdf into the login prompt. Aadhaar card pdf password remover is a recommended and outstanding solution to open the passwordprotected aadhar pdf document. Pdf unlocker sounds like it might be a pdf password remover tool but in reality its a pdf password recovery program since it discovers the actual owner password from an encrypted pdf. Aadhaar pdf password unlocker to remove aadhar password. To remove the password from the aadhar card pdf file.

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