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E9 the clash at the stash available now for amc premiere subscribers. I was looking for a new shop to do some toy collecting and a friend of mine said hey you live in south jersey now you should swing by jay and silent bobs secret stash store. Talked about scenes episode 206 comic book men zombie 5k. Login to keep track of your comic book collection online with full comic details, cover images, and current market values.

Breaking news amc renames secret stash as comic men. Cryptozoic man details the adventures of a quarter loch ness. The stash will sell an independent comic book in order for the guys to see a costumed mma. Free delivery worldwide on over 20 million books we use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Telling us that he told mike zapcic off of comic book men who runs the store to empty the pull box, send everything to every reservist. Comic book men is an american reality television series which aired on the amc network from 2012 to 2018. But when an alien named m0rr1s with a secret passion for earth music discovers her book stash, she forms an alliance with him to overthrow the illori.

Free comic book valueslooking for the value of your comics. Dark secrets about kevin smiths comic book men cbr. A 2011 graduate of the kubert school in dover, nj, freelance assignments include work for dynamite entertainment, idw and dark horse on titles such as doc savage, red sonja, back to the future, vampirella, green hornet and ghostbusters. How to buy key comics for pennies on the dollar get our free comic book crash course where youll discover our. Daryl davis tense first meeting with a klan member. If you dont like the title comic book men, youre in good company, because neither did kevin smith. I suppose itd be more correct to say its an oscar wilde quote, but i remember it from the movie first and foremost, so i cant really pretend to have learned it from the esteemed mr wilde. Make a secret stash book out of an old book that you dont use anymore and for step to step instructions go here. A reddit for fans of comic books, graphic novels, and digital comics. Ayala doesnt reveal everything making the story fresh and mysterious to keep us wanting to know more. Secret government hitmen doing secret government back in july, 2012. It took almost 2 years for this to come out, and at only being 7 issues long, that is a long time i believe the creative teams other collaboration red mass for mars suffered similar delays.

During this season of amcs comic book men, walt flanagan and bryan johnson launched cryptozoic man with dynamite entertainment. Red bank comic book men shop is geek mecca for kevin smith. Its driven by fully realized characters whose motivations are explored amid a world filled with danger. Visit jay and silent bobs secret stash, hometown boy kevin smiths comic book store. We carry over 105 different collectable comic book titles including, marvel, d. Funny and sad bearmanor media reveals a very serious and private side to wilder that audiences dont get to see. On the other hand, in hindsight its also sad considering how it all ended so tragically just 7 years later rob bruce bonking mike on the head, and then scampering away on foot only to quickly double back to the dumpster to fish out a primo shipping box never to be. Merchandise includes comic books, comicrelated merchandise, and view askew filmrelated items e. The secret stash comic book men original sizzle reel. Comic book and popculture store jay and silent bobs secret stash. Walter walt flanagan born october 23, 1967 is a comic book store manager, reality television personality, podcaster, and comic book artist.

Ming is often made fun of as part of his role on comic book men, due to his long friendships with bryan and walt. Although the actual first issue dropped in october, the series made its debut on comic book men in early december, showing the launch of the comic at baltimore comic con. Its arc revolves around a time loop that causes a future michael gabriel to keep repeating a section of time, and his mistakes. Secret love is an enjoyable look at the diverse storytelling potential within the marvel universe and its always rich cast of characters, and serves as both a successful homage and convincing introduction to romance comics for those unfamiliar with the genre. An unscripted series set in actordirector kevin smiths iconic comic shop jay and silent bobs secret stash, capturing the world of the neighborhood comic book store and fanboy culture. A customer comes in to sell first issues of iron man and daredevil. Nahthe line from the film delivered by gene wilderwilly wonka is actually a quote from oscar wildeso it covers both. Secret stash staff shirt jay and silent bobs secret stash. There will be many conversations and laughs had thanks to deadpool 2s midcredits scene, an instant contender for one of the very best to ever appear after a comic book, or any other kind of movie. Declan shalvey, marek olesicki no notes gcb entry cbdb entry comicvine entry 28 days later vol 3 publication date.

Owned by director kevin smith, secret stash closed its westwood doors in early october after former manager bryan johnson opted out of his position. Comic book men amc, 2012 comic book men is a reality tv show on amc that is filmed at jay and silent bobs secret stash, a comic book store in red bank, nj, owned and run by filmmaker kevin smith. Jay and silent bobs secret stash sometimes shortened to simply the stash is a comic book store owned by filmmaker kevin smith, and named after the fictional duo portrayed by smith and jason mewes in smiths view askewniverse films. Dassa, who has run his store for about 20 years, based the decision to. The path i took to get to stashmycomics started when i was 12 years old, and got that first comic book in my hands. The book traces wilders humble beginnings in 1930s milwaukee as a shy child who learned early on. Meanwhile, amcs secret stash, which tracks the employees and customers of smiths iconic comic shop jay and silent bobs secret stash, will now run under the title of comic men presumably a. According to smith, the original name of the show was called secret stash, named after the store that it takes place in. Now in its fourth season, kevin and his associates walt, michael, bryan, and ming continue to discuss all things related and unrelated to. It was really wild to look out there and see everybody kind of dressed like us. As worn by the hard working staff on the tv show comic book men thats walt, mike and ming. Smith in his movies also employed another friend, bryan johnson, who used to run. With walt and mike sick, its up to ming to run the stash by himself. Bryan johnson, mike zapcic and ming chen take you behind the scenes of what its really like to film the series.

Jay and silent bob reboot sound track signed by kevin. Crashing kevin smiths secret stash with comic book mens ming chen and michael zapcic duration. He currently manages jay and silent bobs secret stash. Amc goes inside kevin smiths comic book shop the new york. Its an impressive debut from black mask studios with another genredefying title. If youre a fan of classic comedy or just a fan of frankenstein in general, you will adore this film as so many other. How to make a hollow secret stash book miss v viola. Only mostly devastated by sophie gonzales march 3, 2020. Comic book men is a reality television series on amc that is set inside kevin smiths comic book shop jay and silent bobs secret stash in red bank, new jersey during the course of the series, 96 episodes of comic book men aired over seven seasons, between april 8, 2018 and. Jay and silent bobs secret stash on july 9, 2012, day 1 of filming for. How to sell your comic books for the best price start here. Talked about scene episode 2 comic book men stash wars. Keep track of your comic book collection online with full comic details, cover images, and current market values.

With kevin smith, walter flanagan, mike zapcic, bryan johnson. The early 2000s were a bit of a crap shoot when it came to superhero films, and one of the movies that fell a bit short of its intended goals although the directors edition of the film has gotten a good deal more acclaim, so perhaps we should be blaming the studio for the released product was 2003s daredevil, written and directed by mark steven johnson and starring future batman ben. However, amc decided to try and borrow from some of the momentum from a popular show at the time. Comment cancel reply you must be logged in to post a comment. Sell your comic books how to get cold hard cash for your comic books and not get ripped off. The boys rock out at a kiss concert and walt lives out his childhood dream of meeting gene simmons. Most underrated cities to visit in every state thrillist. Book depository is the worlds most international online bookstore offering over 20 million books with free delivery worldwide. Comic book values comic book price guide how to sell. Marvel and dc comics for the past 30 years, how has the quality of the stories, plot, and writing changed. But deadpools timetraveling caper isnt actually the first throwback to xmen origins. Flanagan is a longtime friend of kevin smith, and according to smiths book silent bob speaks it was flanagan who turned smith onto comic books.

Comic book and popculture store jay and silent bobs secret stash west reopens today at its new location. Returning for its second season, sliders is the stateoftheart adventure series that chronicles the travels of four dynamic characters who slide to parallel dimensions of earth, experiencing and exploring earth 1996 as it would be if a different path had been taken either personally or historically. The official jay and silent bobs secret stash comic book boxes are now available. Kevin smith does a donny cates, pays off pull lists at secret stash. And you now know a secret that you can dole out to friends. I say this because throughout the novel the reader, or at least this one, didnt know whether to like or dislike the main character, gwen, and also couldnt quite figure out what the author was trying to say about suburbia, marriage, recreational drug use, pharmaceuticals and several other topics that crop up in the plot. The wilds is a postapocalyptic comic unlike any other. In the episode, you and the guys are celebrating 20 years of the stash. Amc goes inside kevin smiths comic book shop the new.

Stash my comics, comic book realm, or comics price guide. Bio anthony marques is a freelance comic book artist. But its not just superheroes who have secret identities. Celebrities who hid their struggles from the public. Brian scott mednicks fascinating new biography gene wilder.

I buy back issues, collectibles, graphic novels and original art. Jay and silent bobs secret stash is a comic book store owned by filmmaker kevin smith, and. In a world where social media is constantly reminding us of every celebs personal details, it makes since that actors and musicians would want to distance themselves from the public in troubling times, especially when it could be detrimental to their health. The rechristened jay and silent bobs secret stash named for miscreant characters played by jason mewes and mr.

Look at these fresh faced young guys barely in their 40s, dumbledore hadnt even met the mushroom yet let alone fucked it. Bust your stash with 12 strip quilts, perfect for those larger piec. The eclectic group of travelers is led by quinn mallory jerry oconnell, a 23yearold. That issue opened to door for me to a whole world i never knew existed. Secret stash is already a unique specimen in the peculiar world of comic. As fans its easy to idolize celebrities, but like the rest of the world, even the famous arent immune to serious ailments. The stash will sell an independent comic book in order for the guys to see a costumed mma fight. In 2012 he began starring with coworkers from jay and silent bobs secret stash including kevin smith, walt flanagan, mike zapcic, and bryan johnson on comic book men. It is set at kevin smiths comic book shop, jay and silent bobs secret stash, in red bank, new jersey production history. Cover info noteslinks 28 days later vol 2 publication date. Wilder and garrs revolving secret door bit and gene hackmans blind hermit scene are some of the many highlights this film has to offer.

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